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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Flint HIlls 1

I attended Kansas State School of Architecture one semester (before transferring and finishing at KU's arch school.) Why does that really matter? Because I learned first hand what Kansas has to offer with the flint hills. Fast forward to this fall, I was able to scout out on some open range property (no paved roads or fences) for a photo project. It really is a beautiful landscape. Besides gravel oil roads and pumps, there is hardly a trace of social or man made material interaction.

I am linking a gallery of a couple of early pics, because bigger is better with these landscapes.

These are some images you get when you have a herpetology expert on site

wow, chill out buddy.
Maybe some more images from this day to come.

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Unknown said...

Channeling your inner Sensabaugh I see. :) [Remember when we napped through that lecture?] Hey these are amazing. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. You are so talented. kh